2020 Teen Camp Waiver Form

Waiver and Release

In consideration of the acceptance of my application for the above program, I hereby waive, release, and discharge any and all claims for damages for person injury, property damages or which may hereafter occur to me as a result of participation in said event. This release is intended to discharge in advance Grace Full Gospel Church, its officials, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents from liability, even though that liability may arise out of perceived negligence on the part of the persons mentioned above. It is understood that some recreational activities involve an element of risk or danger of accidents, and knowing those risks, I hereby assume those risks. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding on my heirs and assigners.

Parental Consent

I give consent for my child(ren) to participate in the above activities, and I execute the above liability release on their behalf.

Physical Condition

On behalf of my child(ren), I accept and assume any and all risks associated with his/her/their attendance and participation in the programs, including camp, classes, field trips, and all related activities. I understand that my child(ren) should not attend the programs if he/she/they are not in a healthy condition. Furthermore, I do hereby verify that my child(ren), to the best of my knowledge, is free from contagious disease, and is able to participate in the program. Therefore, I hereby confirm that my child(ren): has no psychiatric, medical, and/or physical condition or history which would prevent him/her/them from participating in any of the summer programs and/or endanger himself/herself/themselves or other participants.

Consent for Treatment

I hereby give my consent to have the above applicant(s) treated by emergency medical personnel, a physician, or surgeon, in case of sudden illness or injury while participating in the above activity. It is understood that Grace Full Gospel Church will provide no medical insurance for such treatment, and that the cost therefore will be at my expense.

In connection with any injury my child(ren) may sustain or illness or other medical conditions my child(ren) may experience during his/her/their participation in or attendance of the programs, I authorize any emergency first aid, medication, medical treatment, or surgery deemed necessary by the attending medical personnel if I am not able to act on my child(ren)’s behalf. In the event that I cannot be contacted in the event of an emergency, I further hereby grant Grace Full Gospel Church permission to administer immediate treatment and/or take my child(ren) to a hospital emergency room via ambulance/emergency vehicle. I agree to assume all liability for any expenses incurred in such an emergency (transportation, hospitalization, x-rays, etc.). I also understand and agree that Grace Full Gospel Church  will notify me if my child(ren) becomes ill during program hours, and I will arrange to have my child(ren) picked up immediately. Further, I waive and release Grace Full Gospel Church and its owners, officers, directors, employees, agents and independent contractors from any and all liability from personal injuries, illness, loss, or damage to property.

Photo Release

I grant the above full, partial, or no permission to take photographs/record video and utilize them for advertising purposes, including, but not limited to blog,  brochures, slide shows, web sites, and/or other material.

Consent to Transport

I, the parent of guardian, give my consent for my child(ren) to be transported by Grace Full Gospel Church and will assume all liability for my/their participation in this activity/event and any injury that may result during the transport or at the event/activity.

I understand and hereby agree to assume all of the risks which may be encountered on said activities, including activities preliminary and subsequent thereto. I do hereby agree to hold church and its pastor, officers, agents, employees, bus workers, bus drivers, teachers, and volunteers harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, claims, expenses, and damages on account of injury to my child or property, even injury resulting in death, which I now have or which may arise in the future, in connection with participation in the described activity or in any other associated activities.

In the event any disagreement or conflict arises from any activity connected to this authorization and release, I knowingly and expressly agree to have such conflict resolved in accordance within the church, and agree to binding arbitration, expressly waiving any and all rights in law and equity to bringing any civil disagreement before a court of law. I accept financial responsibility for personal items lost by my child.

Policies and Rules

I understand and agree that my child(ren) must abide by the church’s policies and rules and the instructions of the teachers, staff, and volunteers at all times. Some of these policies, rules, and instructions are written and some are at the sole discretion of staff. My child(ren)’s failure to do so will result in his/her/their immediate dismissal from the program.

What to Bring
  • Bible, pen, notebook
  • Inflatable mattress  twin size
  • Sheets, pillow, blanket
  • Two towels
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming vest
  • Protection from mosquitoes
  • Water bottles
  • A good attitude and obedience
What not to bring:
  • Medicine
  • Phones
  • Knives
  • Matches or lighters
  • Energy drinks
  • Fireworks
  • Money


I have read and understood the foregoing registration liability release and parental consent; consent to transport; policies and rules; and agree to all its terms and conditions. I accept full responsibility and hereby grant permission for my minor child(ren) to travel with Grace Full Gospel Church.

I further state that I have carefully read the foregoing release and know the contents thereof, and I agree to this release as my own free act. This is a legally binding agreement that I have read and understood.